Draugur – Battleaxe – D&D 5e

by wolvercote66


I’ll be slipping this into tonight’s session.

Draugur  +2 Battleaxe

A seemingly brittle, ancient and rotted weapon; Draugur derives its power from the spirits of those it has slain.  These same spirits can also drive the wielder mad with battle fury as they coalesce around the blackened and pitted core of the weapon into a shimmering spectral axe.

As an Action, you must call upon the spirits of the past wielders of Draugur to infuse the weapon with their rage and power. Once this has been completed, Draugur becomes a +2 Battleaxe with the following powers.

Damage Advantage against armored opponents (This does not apply to natural armor or magical warding such as Mage Armor). Roll damage twice and apply the larger result.                                                                    On a Critical Hit, add another d8 if wielded single-handed or another d10 if wielded in two hands.

Haunted by the souls of those it has slain, the wielder may slip into a Battle-Madness after 1d6 rounds of combat on a failed DC 12 WIS Save. This Battle-Madness lasts for 1d4+1 rounds and the wielder must only attack with Draugur while in this state. You can’t cast spells or concentrate on them while in this state.


You throw aside all caution and attack with a fierce single-mindedness. You have Advantage on attack rolls with Draugur but attack rolls against you have Advantage.