Crime & Punishment – D&D/13th Age

by wolvercote66

stocks In my first session DMing Encounters, I had a relatively new RPG player pick-pocket a major NPC.  The NPC was the mayor of a large town and as I prepared to deal with that resultant dice rolls, I found myself quickly wondering, “How am I going to punish this guy if he gets caught?!”  Committing a crime (and getting caught) is a situation that many a player will do with little thought to the repercussions.  Here’s a short guideline of how to handle your criminal PCs.

Crime Punishment
Arson Heavy Fine + Imprisonment, Hard Labor
Assault Imprisonment + Hard Labor
Breaking and Entering Imprisonment + Potential Flogging
Corruption Imprisonment + Hard Labor
Disturbing the Peace Minor Fine
Forgery Standard Fine + Potential Branding
Heresy Branding + Exile, Execution
Kidnapping Imprisonment + Hard Labor
Manslaugter Imprisonment
Murder Imprisonment – Potential Branding, Exile, Enslavement or Execution
Sedition Enslavement
Smuggling Value of Item x 5
Theft – Under 50 GP value Value of Item X 2
Theft – 50 – 500 GP Value Value of Item X 3 + Potential Flogging
Theft – Over 500 GP Value Value of Item X 5+ Potential Disfigurement, Branding, Flogging or Imprisonment


Branding The convicted is branded with a visible mark denoting his crime.
Disfigurement Removal of an appendage, eye or tongue, depending on the crime.
Enslavement You are sold into slavery.
Execution Death
Exile Forced to leave the city/society/region where the crime was commited. Usually for life.
Flogging Public whipping. Reduced to 1/4 of HPs and unable to buy or sell in this community for six months due to negative stigma.
Hard Labor For every 6 months of Hard Labor, your Constitution will permanently drop by 1 on an unsuccessful Constitution save of DC 10.
Heavy Fine  Typically 5x the value of the item/property in question.
Imprisonment Length of sentencing will vary between 1 month to life, depending on severity of the crime committed and other modifiers.
Minor Fine Typically no more than 50 gp.
Standard Fine Typically 3X the value of the item/property in question but never more than 500 gp.


Foreigner If you are not a local citizen,
Social Standing If you are of a lower social standing,
Language Barrier If you can’t speak the local language,  the severity of your punishment will increase.
Charisma If your Charisma is under 10,
Race If your race is not typical of this community/region/society,