Dungeon & Dragons Background – Zealot

by wolvercote66

It’s time for another background for 5th Edition D&D.  I give you, the Zealot.





There are believers and then there are zealots. Utterly devoted followers of their god, a zealot’s driving force is his belief in the rightness of his deity.

Skill Proficiency: Religion and Persuasion

Tool Proficiency: Choose one of Calligrapher’s supplies or one musical instrument.

Equipment: Common clothes, a vial of Holy water, 2 blocks of incense, book of your deity’s lore, holy symbol

Feature: Evangelist

Your aggressive approach to conversion can be a hindrance at times. Once you start spreading the word, if your audience is of other faiths, people disperse to avoid you. This can prove useful if your companions are seeking fewer eyewitnesses. Taverns empty, streets clear, crowds scatter, you’re your own worst enemy once you open your mouth. You can also expect to receive free healing and care from any established presence of your faith.


A zealot is often so singularly focused on their faith that they often descend into madness. Roll on the following chart to determine your particular struggle if any.

  1. Doomed – Whenever you are reduced to half of your hit points you begin crying out of your impending demise.
  2. Messianic – You have delusions of grandeur and are convinced you have been sent here by your deity.
  3. Visions – You see things that others don’t and you know they are real.
  4. Paranoia – I know that secretly you are all against me.
  5. Anxiety – When you fail at anything you become anxious and stressed.
  6. No discernible madness, yet.

Suggested Characteristics

A zealot is the most dedicated of believers. Their life is shaped by their faith and they seek to share their belief with whomever they encounter. They also tend to be hostile or at the least hold in disdain, other gods and their followers.

d8 Personality 

  1. I trust no one that is not of my faith.
  2. I must be an example to others in the hopes of converting them to my god’s faith.
  3. I would martyr myself for my god if I felt it would win him more converts and greater glory.
  4. I have numerous rituals and prayers that I must adhere to on a daily basis.
  5. The needs of my fellow believers, even complete strangers, come first, even if that means ignoring my companions.
  6. I am an unworthy example of my faith and I constantly make known my failings and misdeeds to all who accompany me.
  7. I am humble to a fault.
  8. You are all witnesses of my righteousness and I let you know it.

d6 Ideal

  1. Tradition: The old ways are the only way to worship. I am a purist. (Lawful)
  2. Unpredictable: I can suddenly be overcome with visions or drop to my knees in prayer. (Chaos)
  3. Indifferent: If you’re not a fellow believer, I don’t truly care for your fate. (Neutral)
  4. Honesty: I have no secrets and tell no lies. (Any)
  5. Destiny: My faith is my focus. All worldly matters are secondary to my eternal standing. (Neutral)
  6. Power: Any perceived insult to my god must be met with swift retribution. (Evil)

d6 Bond

  1. I seek to ensure the growth of my god’s domain and influence.
  2. I am seeking riches for the preservation and improvement of locales sacred to my faith.
  3. I am documenting my travels and someday they will be a source of inspiration to those of my faith.
  4. A sacred relic exists that I hope to acquire someday and I seek information on it whenever possible.
  5. There is nothing I want more than gaining converts to my god.
  6. My companions are dear to me and it is my duty to shepherd them safely through our travels.

d6 Flaw

  1. You consider unbelievers to be beneath you and if forced to work with them, you will avoid fraternizing with them.
  2. I am dedicated to the acquisition of wealth for my god to an obsessive degree.
  3. I will only aid unbelievers if a tithe has been agreed upon prior to rendering assistance.
  4. I am blameless in all things and all success is due to my righteousness.
  5. I trust no one that is an unbeliever.
  6. To be a companion of mine is your privilege and my punishment.