Gencon 2014

by wolvercote66


Boy did I enjoy myself.  I wasn’t there long but not a moment was wasted. Demos? Yeah I got into a goodly number this time.  “Cthulhu Wars” was a highlight. It played smoothly and surprisingly fast.  “Emergence Event” didn’t play as fast, but I pre-ordered a copy based on the demo. Intriguing space, resource management kinda thing.  “Tomorrow”‘s premise is disturbing. You’re goal is to wipe out as much of the earth’s population as possible.  I hung in for 2 turns and decided against going further.  “Titan Tactics” I almost picked it up but opted to check out the Dice Tower review and held onto my cash.  “Marvel Dice Masters” left me thinking I should dump what I’ve picked up already. I would have bought “King of New York” but I had no room in my luggage after buying “Shadows of Malice”.  Pre-ordered Krosmaster Quest and determined that I’ll be backing “Folklore the Affliction”and “B-Sieged” once they launch on Kickstarter later in the year too.

On the RPG front, I played with Sly Flourish and the Newbie DM in a Fate version of Tomb of Horrors.  Highly enjoyable.  I bought the new PHB and Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the 13th Age book; 13 True Ways.  My experience with 5th edition was a let down.  I chose the wrong adventure, for my taste and what I wanted to get out of the session. I was hoping for a more combat oriented session to get a feel for the mechanics and instead I got stuck in a Scooby-Doo mystery. I despise mystery/investigation adventures. On top of that, it was late and I was beat.  I ended up bowing out after 2.5 hours and not a sniff of combat.  I don’t regret it for a minute because sleep is good.

What did I learn from attending a day and a half of Gencon? I learned that there is always something to be learnt when it comes to gaming.

My gaming life began as a child with my father happily playing board games with me ad nauseam.  It carried over into my teens when I discovered D&D in 1980 and beyond high school when I spent my lunch hours hanging out with a local game store owner for nearly a decade, playing euro games, CCGs and anything else that came into the shop.  After that, MMOs filled my gaming void right about the time I had kids and my social circle shrank away to nothing. Now I’m back to RPGing and board-gaming a few times a week and there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not reading, writing or thinking about gaming in some shape or form.  Some might call it an obsession, I call it it part of what makes me who I am.