2014 – Gaming Nirvana


Long time no post. My 13th Age mini-campaign fizzled out due to RPG and scheduling overload. It was a good run and while I would happily play the system again, the amount of work in converting a module to that system was ridiculous for a guy with a life outside of rolling dice.  My time has been spent mainly playing in a Pathfinder campaign and board games.

2014 is shaping up to be a high water mark for my personal gaming experience.  Let’s start with video/PC games.

XBox One – Titanfall – Played in the Beta last week and boy was that a blast.  I’m not a fanatical FPS player but I’m good for about one every couple years.  This is a great “casual” squad-based shooter with giant mechs. Lots of achievements to complete and the visuals are stunning.

PC – Elder Scrolls Online – I have to admit, I wasn’t overly excited to try out this one but I got a Beta invite and gave it a whirl.  I’m hooked.  Character models have improved vastly over the previous incarnations of this franchise (always a weak point of theirs). The world is vast, and it’s not “dumbed down”.  I felt free to wander and discover at my own leisure and that gave me a sensation I haven’t had in an MMO since EQ, trepidation.  Looking forward to discovering more of this world once it launches.

PC – Wildstar – Another Beta experience.  I haven’t played an MMO with this degree of addiction in years! A compelling world that is humorous at times and also filled with wonder. Cartoony graphics are not my first choice in an MMO but it works here. I’m in.

Also worth mentioning, Warmachine Tactics, The Long Dark and I still hold out hope for EQ Next later in the year.

RPGs – Well D&D 5th edition of course. Having had my fill of 4th edition and finding Pathfinder a bit rules bloated, I’m hoping WotC can find the sweet spot for me with this iteration of my first love.  I’ll be at GENCON for the full marketing propoganda experience. Happy to see WotC back in the minis game too this year.  Here’s to hopefully running a Primeval Thule campaign later in this year too.


This is where I’m practically frothing at the mouth. Kickstarter is mainly to blame as I went wild with backing projects in 2013.  This year I reap the rewards! The top of the list has to go to…

Myth – A coop dungeon-crawl that looks to use a combat system quite like 4E to me.

Cthulhu Wars – Elder gods, eldritch madness, giant miniatures. Wow.

Shadows of Brimstone – A western sci-fi/horror co-op dungeon crawl kinda thing. Giddyup!

Golem Arcana – About as close to a miniature wargame as I may ever get, although I’m also looking to pick up the new version of Dust Tactics too.

Those are the highlights but Journey:Wrath of Demons, Septikon: Uranium Wars, Chaosmos, Nika, Ancient Terrible Things, Krosmaster Quest are also on tap for 2014. Good thing I just joined a board gaming group on Meetup. Nirvana.