Demon, Babau – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

Since so many creatures don’t have an official 13th Age version, mother is the necessity of invention. Here is a Babau Demon that I needed to slap together for my current adventure path conversion.babau


Large 4th level wrecker (Demon)                                                                        Initiative: +6

HP: 50   AC: 19   PD: 17   MD: 16

Spear +8 vs. AC – 8 damage                                                                  Natural even hit: The target also suffers 1d4 acid damage.

Slime aura:  Enemies engaged with the babau that hit it with melee attacks suffer 1d6 acid damage each time they hit the babau.                                     Teleport: – As a move action whenever the escalation die is an even number to anywhere it can see nearby.

Vicious assault: Whenever the babau attacks a target that is engaged with an ally, it adds +2d6 damage to any attacks that hits that target.