Campaign planning – Dribblings from my brain

by wolvercote66

ImageWhile I’m knuckle deep in running this 13th Age mini-campaign, I’m more creatively invested in what I hope to run at some point in 2014.  I’m going to go all out on this one, I have a lot of ideas that I’d like to put into play and one of them is “spell points”.

The world I’ll be using is going to be a combination of “Primeval Thule” , and my own personal world that I’ve written/tinkered with for literally decades.  In this world, arcane magic will be powered by either necromantic/demonic assistance or the energy of these “arcane shards”.  Each shard has a finite amount of power in it, much like a battery.  Each spell cast requires a certain amount of power in order to be cast.  These are not original or alien concepts to anyone but I want to run with the concept of limited arcane power in this campaign. A caster could cast any spell he knows at any time, but is limited by how much juice his shards have left.

Thinking this through a bit further, a wizard in this scenario would therefore need to be skilled in physical combat to some degree.  So I’ll be customizing arcane casters a bit in this area too.  In fact, I’ll in all likelihood start the PCs at an advanced level instead of first.

I should start a checklist really,

1) Campaign story arc – Under construction.

2) Choose game system – 13th Age, D&D 5E, Pathfinder

3) Decide on character level start

4) Design arcane spell point system for game system

5) Prepare campaign background player handouts – first draft nearly complete.

6) – ?