13th Age – Second Darkness – Session 3

by wolvercote66

photo (3)My 13th Age conversion of  the “Second Darkness” adventure path continued last night and my 3 players completed book 1.  I’ll be purposely vague on plot details here but the first battle of the evening was in a gambling hall.  Which you can see in the picture, our group assembled with one of my player’s new Dwarven Forge tiles.  The barbarian had a moment of glory, with a one shot kill due to a well-rolled crit.  It’s good to see this class putting up some decent damage numbers finally.  The new cleric PC played quite well.  All the players commented on how they appreciate the feature of all heals being a quick action.  “You still get to do something fun” was one player’s commentary and I agree completely.  The battle lasted about 30 minutes at most (the longest fight yet for me) but since it was climactic in many ways, it was not overlong.  This session could have been split up into a few days (game time) but it ended up that the PCs just kept on going despite having nearly exhausted the clerics’ spells.  I was delighted they chose to continue because it gave me a chance to stretch the abilities of the group over the course of their first “cavern crawl”.   However, after battling a few troglodytes, a wight and a nasty otyugh, my PCs opted to rest for the night.   The evening was coming to a close so I shortened the end a bit and skipped over some minor content to ensure we could finish the book but no one seemed to mind.  At this point the Dwarven Forge construction project was expanding to cover the entire tabletop.

photo (4)

As all this Dwarven Forge craziness was ensuing, my players kept apologizing.  We’re a good solid bunch of people and we all know about distractions at the table and what that can do to the flow.  However, I have to say, and I did say in fact, is that 13th Age’s system is so simple in its design, that as a GM I don’t have as high a stress level when running a game.  I’m more relaxed not having to monitor positioning or extensive conditions.  It made the evening all the more enjoyable.

So what was supposed to be a demo session of one adventure path book is now going to continue into book 2, Children of the Void.