13th Age – Second Session

by wolvercote66

ImageMy second session of a conversion to 13th Age of Pathfinder’s Second Darkness just went down and so did one of my PCs.  Done in by a were-rat to be precise; a creature I had to put together for this session.  Several player errors contributed to the death, which I can attribute to a few things; unfamiliarity with what is possible in regards to non-magical healing and poor communication between the players as to how dire the situation was becoming as death saves were failing.  For myself, I could have and should have drawn more attention to what the situation was with the dying PC.  The actual death was an anti-climax too as the last enemy dropped and the PC died one round later as he was first in the initiative order.  I don’t enjoy PC deaths.  I find it counter to story in most cases.  However there were zero complaints and truly, while harsher than 4E’s rules for dying, it felt right to everyone.   On the positive side, I’ll get to see a new class in action next time around.

A second session allowed for more combat opportunities and a I leveled the PCS mid-session too.  The barbarian PC was thrilled with her new damage output, while the rogue and soon to be ex-wizard didn’t visibly notice as much of an impact.  Our Tiefling Rogue was able to use her curse power to great effect, causing a foe to lodge their sword in some nearby furniture for a round.  She also is enjoying Thief’s Strike’s extra benefits of bonus loot.

The death of the wizard means the loss of a large amount of damage for my 3 PCs.  Hopefully, the barbarian can manage the load as the replacement character will be a cleric.   The only complaint this time around involved the character sheets I used.  More color variation was requested by one of the players to help with differentiating between abilities.  A minor quibble.  There is a noticeable difference in how each class feels to me and that’s a great thing.  The wizard’s evoking ability is loads of fun and the rogue feels more like an old time D&D thief.  The barbarian is the only class that seems flat so far, although once she hit second level things improved.

The story-line itself continues to hold the players’ attention, especially since they have now been betrayed by their former benefactor.  I found the battles a bit repetitive as it was thugs and thieves over and over until the were-rats.  There was a bit of opportunity for role-play at a local flophouse that allowed for some improvisation but mainly this was a combat focused session.  Next session brings us the cleric and a some “dungeon-crawling”.