Water Elemental – 13th Age

by wolvercote66


Water Elemental

A wrathful wave of water approaches, seeking to drown any who dare oppose it.

5th level wrecker (Elemental)                                                                        Initiative:+8                                                                                   Vulnerability: cold

HP: 100   AC: 19   PD: 18   MD: 19

Drenching blow +8 vs. AC – 10 damage                                                 Natural even hit: The target also becomes hampered until the end of the water elemental’s next turn (only basic attacks).                                 Natural 16+: The water elemental can make a second drenching blow attack vs. the same target as a free action.

Engulf + 11 vs. PD – 10 damage, the target is stuck, hampered and takes 10 ongoing damage per round as the water elemental completely engulfs the target. Once engulfed, the water elemental will not release its target until it becomes unconscious.  It may only engulf one target at a time.

Siphoning:  If the water elemental is able to maintain contact with a large body of water, it heals 2d8 hp per round as a free action.

Soaking aura: At the start of each enemy’s turn, each enemy engaged with the water elemental must make an easy save (6+) to maintain their balance on the water soaked surface near it. If the save fails, the enemy falls prone and is hampered until their next turn.