Banshee – 13th Age

by wolvercote66


October is here. Here’s a ghostly foe for your consideration.


The twisted and hate-filled spirit of an elven sorceress; consumed with jealousy of the living.

4th level spoiler (Undead)                                                                            Initiative: +8                                                                                                 Vulnerability: holy

HP: 60   AC: 18   PD: 15   MD: 18                                                               Deadly touch +8 vs. AC – 10 negative energy damage                         Natural 16+: The banshee can make a second deadly touch attack vs. the same target as a free action.

R: Keening wail + 9 vs. MD (1d3 enemies) – The target(s) is stunned (save ends, 16+)

Ethereal: This creature has resist damage 16+ to all damage except holy damage.  A banshee can move through solid objects but can’t end its movement inside them.

Fear aura: While engaged with this creature, enemies that have 18 hp or fewer are dazed (-4 attack) and do not add the escalation die to their attacks.

Flight: The banshee hovers and flies effortlessly.