Hag – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

ImageHag – 13th Age

Twisted beyond recognition from long years devoted to the dark arts; hags haunt the untrod places of the wild, bending lesser beings to their will through fear and beguilement.

6th level spoiler (Aberration)

Initiative: +10                                                                                                 HP: 140  AC: 21  PD: 17  MD: 21

Tainted claws +9 vs. AC – 12 damage                                                       Natural 16+: The target is also weakened (-4 attack and defenses)

C: Intimidating Command +11 vs. MD (1d3 random nearby enemies)  The target gains the fear condition (normal save ends, 11+)                        Natural 16+: The target gains the fear condition (hard save ends, 16+).

R: Hypnotic whispers +11 vs. MD (1 nearby or far away enemy) – The target falls unconscious (hard save ends, 16+; it also ends if the target takes 10+ damage).                                                                                               Miss: The target is dazed until the end of the hag’s next turn.

Whirling wrath: When the hag becomes staggered, as a free action it may immediately make 2 tainted claw attacks against any nearby enemies.