Forgotten Inspirations – Dreadstar

by wolvercote66


Nostalgia bites me in the ass quite frequently.  I’m not sure what made me think of Dreadstar, but no matter, I did and now I’m talking about it.  Way back in 1980 in Epic Magazine, The Metamorphosis Odyssey by Jim Starlin was published.   An epic sci-fi saga which culminates in the destruction of the Milky Way galaxy. The story continued into the One-Shot graphic novel Dreadstar and finally the comic series of the same name.  Dreadstar followed the exploits of Vanth Dreadstar; the sole survivor of the Milky Way galaxy’s destruction, Syzygy Darkolock; a powerful sorceror, Willow; a telepath, Oedi; a cat-like rogue and Skeevo; your basic interstellar pirate.

While perhaps not breaking new ground with the familiar tropes of all-powerful galactic-spanning empires, imposing villains and desperate rebellion, Dreadstar nevertheless held my rapt attention during most of its print run.  Unfortunately, it’s not readily available to the masses now and it therefore in my mind is a Forgotten Inspiration.  Adapting the opening lines from a certain movie, I can only say, “Much that once was is lost; for few now live who remember it.”