Human Outlaw Captain – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

My band of outlaws now have a leader.  I pushed this one a little I think.  OP?Image Human Outlaw Captain – 13th Age

Eschewing civilized lands, outlaws choose their own captains; usually the strongest or most cunning of their number.

3rd level leader (Humanoid)

Initiative: +6                                                                                                   HP: 44  AC: 17  PD: 16  MD:16

Longsword +8 vs. AC – 9 damage

R: Longbow +8 vs. AC – 9 damage                                                          Natural even hit: The outlaw captain can make a second longbow attack (no more) as a free action.

(Special Trigger) Desperate measures: When half of the outlaw captain’s allies have been slain, (round up) the outlaw captain and its allies may make an attack as a free action.

Last ditch effort: Make a note of the escalation die when the outlaw captain becomes staggered. The outlaw captain and its allies gain a bonus to their attack and damage rolls equal to the escalation die for the rest of the battle.