Human Outlaw – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

Who hasn’t run into bandits in the wilderness?  Here’s an interpretation to consider.  Outlaw Captain is next.  Open to critique as always.Image

Human Outlaw – 13th Age

Desperate bands of deserters, thieves, and the lost; outlaws roam the wild, beholden to no one but themselves.

2nd level Troop (Humanoid)

Initiative: +5                                                                                                     HP: 32  AC: 16 PD: 15 MD: 14

Longsword +7 vs. AC – 8 damage

R: Longbow +8 vs. AC – 8 damage                                                            Natural even hit: The human outlaw can make a second longbow attack (no more) as a free action.

Turn the tide: Whenever an enemy is staggered, the human outlaw gains a +2 bonus to its next attack roll.