Catchphrases…or color commentary for your NPCS or PC

by wolvercote66

ImageCatchphrases and RPGS. Can we make it through a single session without someone uttering one?  (“It’s only a flesh wound!”1)  I think not.  We’re all guilty of this guilty pleasure. (“Wake up! Time to Die!”2) Movies, books, comics, TV shows, memes, we’re inundated by them on a daily basis.  We all use them and take varying degrees of pride in dropping one in at an appropriate opportunity. (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”3) They are a little bit of verbal spice to toss in as required. (“Go ahead, make my day.”4)

Of course we all know the abusers. (“Game over man! Game over!”5) The people who don’t have that refined sense of timing or appropriateness, (“I see dead people”6) or even worse, screw up the phrase completely. (“You talkin’ to me?”7)  Then we have two choices, grin and bear it (“You can’t handle the truth!”8) or heap piles of scorn upon the guilty party. (“Say hello to my little friend!”9)

I’ve gone a step further at times and used great lines from film or books and popped them into bits of dialog an NPC might use (“When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.”10) or give a character a memorable catchphrase. (“It’s a good day to die”11)  I’ve made notes for myself, jotting down memorable lines to use at a later date. (“The weak are meat the strong do eat!”12) 

What are some of your favorite catchphrases that you’ve tried to work in to your game with a mind for adding some color?

1 – Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 2 – Blade Runner. 3 – Jaws , 4 – Sudden Impact, 5 – Aliens, 6 – The Sixth Sense, 7 – Taxi Driver, 8 – A Few Good Men, 9 – Scarface, 10 – Excalibur, 11 – Little Big Man, 12 – Cloud Atlas