Dark Elf Scout – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

Still in the midst of putting together a number of encounters and I found myself in need of some Dark elf foes.  A dark elf surface patrol to be precise and my first component of the patrol is the scout.  I will be working on a “leader” type next but here’s my rough draft of the dark elf scout.  I’m purposely avoiding the use of “classic” dark elf abilities like cloud of darkness and faerie fire.  I personally have always found them to be unwieldy abilities.

Dark Elf Scout – 13th Age

Trained to strike quickly and silently, the dark elf scout is seldom seen until it’s too late.

4th level Troop (Humanoid)

Initiative: +9                                                                                                         HP: 60  AC: 19  PD: 17  MD: 19

Sword +9 vs. AC – 9 damage                                                                       Natural 16+: The dark elf scout may make an additional sword attack on the same target as a free action.  This may only be used once per round.

R: Light repeating crossbow +9 vs. AC – 10 damage                                   Natural 16+: The target also take 5 ongoing poison damage (normal save ends, 11+).                                                                                                       Natural 19+: As above, and the dark elf scout can make another light repeating crossbow attack as a free action.

Strike from the shadows: Trained to avoid detection, dark elf scouts prefer to lie in wait and strike the unaware. When there’s a chance of such an ambush, give the PCs a skill check (DC 25) to notice the dark elf scout and avoid being surprised.