Giant Wasp – 13th Age

by wolvercote66

ImageGiant Wasp – 13th Age

You hear the rumble of its wings first and then it darts into view, a man-sized wasp flying faster than your rising fear.

Medium 2nd level Troop (Beast)

Initiative: +9                                                                                                         HP: 40 AC: 16 PD: 16 MD: 11

Mandibles: +7 vs. AC – 7 damage                                                               Natural 16+: The giant wasp can use a stinger attack with a +3 bonus against the same target as a free action.                                               Dizzying swarm: This creature gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls for each other ally engaged with the target (max +6 bonus).

Stinger +7 vs. PD: – 5 damage and 5 ongoing poison damage