The Glade of Lost Dreams – Forest Encounter – 13th Age

by wolvercote66


Put together a “random encounter” for a future outdoor exploration session.

The PCs are exploring a dense and ancient forest far from civilized lands.  Massive trees, hoary with age are all there is to be seen, aside from the occasional moss-covered boulder or babbling rivulet easily leapt over without a second thought.  Overhead, the thick canopy of leaves hides nearly all the sky, stilling any possible breeze.  The air is stuffy, almost musty with age and the smell of untold centuries worth of rotting leaves. Several hours have passed and the day is nearing noon when ahead a sudden brilliance catches your eye.  A patch of golden sunlight has pierced through the roof of green illuminating a small glade.  Hurrying to explore this one bright patch in the gloom, you come to the glade’s edge where your eyes take a moment to adjust to the sudden brightness.  Shielding your gaze, you see before you a tiny meadow of tall grass and wild flowers no more than ten yards across and twenty wide. Butterflies dance above the grass but otherwise you notice nothing else aside from the lightning-scarred trunk of a long dead tree on the glade’s far edge.  Crawling up the side of that trunk is a delicate vine that has curled its way up the dead trunk to a height of about eight feet and at its apex is a flower, a dark flower, the color of ebony.   You feel strangely compelled to immediately get a closer look at this bloom of haunting loveliness and throwing caution to the wind, you start walking across the glade, determined to do so.

Here’s how this encounter “should” work. Once the characters have spotted the orchid, several of them will investigate. Either through the compulsion of the orchid or otherwise.  The orchid itself is not all that difficult to destroy but one round after the PCs have reached the orchid and are dealing with their sleeping allies, the giant python will emerge from the hollow of the dead tree to devour whatever has fallen asleep.  The giant python is immune to the effects of the orchid and is simply taking advantage of the situation the orchid creates.

Black Bat Plant-3977 (Tacca chantrieri)

Orchid of Lost Dreams – 13th Age

This hypnotic and lovely flower seduces you with its dark petals and trailing fronds. Its soothing perfume entrances you and stifling a yawn, you struggle against the sudden urge to put aside your troubles and rest.

Medium 4th Level Spoiler (Plant)

Initiative: +10

HP: 8 AC: 8 PD: 8 MD: 4

R: Aura of Irresistible Beauty: +9 vs. MD (1d3+1 nearby creatures) – The target is compelled to immediately approach the orchid with a complete disregard of caution (effect lasts until the end of the orchid’s next turn).

Natural even hit: The target also drops whatever it is holding in its haste to get closer to the orchid.

Morbid Fragrance: +13 vs. MD (1d3+1 nearby creatures) – The target falls unconscious (hard save ends, 16+; it also ends if the target takes 10+ damage).

Miss: The target is weakened (normal save ends, 11+).

GIant snakeGiant Python – 13th Age

A massive serpent, able to crush and consume prey much larger than its smaller cousins.

Large 4th level Troop (Beast)

HP: 140  AC:19  PD:19  MD:14

Bite: +8 vs. AC – 12 damage

Natural even hit: The target is also grabbed and the giant python can also make a crushing squeeze attack as a free action against the target.

Crushing Squeeze: +14 vs. AC (one enemy its grabbing;includes +4 grab bonus) – 24 damage

Note: This specific Giant Python is immune to the effects of the Orchid of Lost Dreams due to continued exposure or some type of mutation.