Assassin Vine – 13th Age

by wolvercote66


Assassin Vine

The assassin vine is an aggressive, carnivorous plant that survives by grabbing and crushing animals and depositing the carcasses near its roots.

Large 4th Level Wrecker (Plant)

Initiative: +6

HP: 56  AC: 17  PD: 17  MD: 14

Entangling Vines: +9 vs. PD (2 Attacks) – 6 damage

Natural even hit: The assassin vine can grab the target.

Constriction: +13 vs. AC (one foe it’s grabbing: includes +4 grab bonus) – 16 damage

Lashing Vine: Once per round, an assassin vine can make an entangling vines attack as a free action against a moving nearby creature it is not engaged with: on a natural even hit, the target is grabbed and its movement stops.